News: New Zealand Government sponsors SaferMe to provide free contact tracing to all New Zealand businesses

Easily check in on wellness and protect your team

Real-time fit for work reporting for workers

Daily symptom tracking for business

Quickly survey your workforce on their symptoms, ensuring healthy team members are dealing with customers.

Provide assurance to team members

With a modern daily check-in system in place, you can show your workers the right duty of care.

It's easy to rollout to your team

Easily invite your team members so they can start engaging with a fit-for-work solution that helps keep everyone safe.

A simple daily check-in helps you respond faster to COVID-19

SaferMe allows you to quickly survey and visualise the location of symptom hot-spots, and regions where risks is increasing. With this information you can make it possible for your HR team to show duty of care for your workers.

Rapidly deploy effective COVID-19 management for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more here on how contact tracing works and review the frequently asked questions that other businesses have.

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