News: New Zealand Government sponsors SaferMe to provide free contact tracing to all New Zealand businesses

Farmers getting special treatment from WorkSafe the right move?

This morning we hear, from Radio New Zealand, that WorkSafe New Zealand has been accused of selling farm workers’ safety short by not prosecuting farmers for dangerous practices.In som.....
01 December, 2019 · Clint Van Marrewijk

Experts comment on top health and safety priorities for 2016

A new year allows us all to take a moment and figure out what our goals are going to be for the year ahead. With this in mind, we have reached out to industry leaders across the globe to share their h.....
01 December, 2019 · Clint Van Marrewijk

Improve HSE culture and boost staff engagement

The Government’s health and safety changes, which we’ve broken down into understandable chunks for you here, puts more emphasis on safety being an all-employee duty that is spread througho.....
01 December, 2019 · SaferMe Team

Health and safety best practice: how to engage your staff?

“How can I engage my people in health and safety?” This is a critical question but it can be very challenging to get started. To help you out, we have asked top health and safety experts t.....
01 December, 2019 · SaferMe Team

Top 5 health and safety blogs you should follow

Workplace Health and Safety is a very important yet very harsh and dry subject. Unlike ‘sexy’ topics like travel, fashion, or food, that by nature provoke positive thoughts, and convey eng.....
01 December, 2019 · SaferMe Team

Swedish heart attack plan shows the way.

The Swedish are saving lives by sharing heart attack alerts with nearby responders – critical lifesaving minutes are being saved from heart attack response. The world first software program(1) sends t.....
01 December, 2019 · thundermapsv3
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