News: New Zealand Government sponsors SaferMe to provide free contact tracing to all New Zealand businesses

The contact tracing app for business

Modern contact tracing software that is fast to deploy

Daily symptom surveys for business

Easily survey your workforce on their symptoms, ensuring healthy team members are dealing with customers.

Privacy-preserving systems

Using the best practice European data standards that contact trace without storing worker locations.

Fast rollout to your team

It’s easy to add your team members, so their managers can see who they have been in contact with in the past.

2nd and 3rd degree contact tracing

Easily understand the degrees of separation between contacts, and filter results to try and eliminate spread.

Automatic geo-enabled tracing

Seamlessly combine geo-enabled contact tracing, with manual contact tracing capture for each team member.

Easy to use and understand

Filter contact data to make informed decisions. Visualise symptom hot-spots and regions where risk is increasing.

Protect your workers so you can maintain business operations

SaferMe puts preventative power directly into the hands of your workers, automatically logging worker contact information without sharing their location with your business. This helps your business respond quickly to symptoms, keeping your team and customers safe so you can maintain business operations.

Rapidly deploy an easy to use COVID-19 contact tracing app for your business

Bluetooth hardware not required

You can integrate your bluetooth hardware with SaferMe, but it is not required to get you started

Learn about what makes us different

Situational Awareness

A big filing cabinet of hazard forms helps nobody. Mobilize your safety data so your people are aware of risks around them, and can make smarter decisions.

Contact Tracing

Paper and spreadsheets are not the answer. Use a real-time contact tracing app that is easy for businesses to use, secure, and fast to deploy.

Hazard Proximity

Get alerts when you approach a hazard, so that you can better mitigate the risk. Even for hazards you don't know exist like lightning, fire, and mine shafts.


Forms, workflows, and alerts designed from scratch to suit your business. One size never fits all, and everyone knows it. A system built for you is just better.

Offline 4.0

Many apps claim to have offline capability, but few actually do. For us, offline means the user can't tell if they have connectivity or not. It just works.

Easy to Use

We believe that safety collaboration drives deeper engagement and trust across your whole team. Ease of use is the key that unlocks engagement.

Safety technology that proactively protects people

Compliance isn't the goal, making your people safer is. We make it easy to do both using state-of-the-art mobile technology and a platform with global scale. SaferMe is used in over 30 countries by businesses of all sizes, empowering users to communicate and collaborate around safety.

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Begin your safety transformation

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